I was born in Madrid, Spain in 1976 during pretty unstable times for the country; politically and culturally. I grew up in a very strict and conservative family, followers of the recently deceased dictator Franco. My sensibility and artistic talents flourished in an environment of secrecy, whispering, invisible repression, hidden tension, unspoken conflict and pretended normality. Being an artist was never an option. 
At the age of eight I was diagnosed with a severed myopia. My sight limitations forced me to get very close to things in order to recognised and understand them. That habit of getting very close to people and things to have a clear image translated into a personal approach to engage and understand the world, and to make art. 

After my parents denied me a vocational artistic education, I decided to study Graphic Design as a pragmatical option in my path to Art. I worked as a part-time courier to pay my Design degree, and then I worked as a part-time designer to fund my BA in Fine Arts.

My first encounter with photography was while studying Communication Theory and Visual Culture Methodologies with my tutor and mentor Maria Acaso at the Complutense University, Madrid. With her I learnt to research, analyse and critique still and moving images through the work of relevant visual artists. At that time I produced much more moving image work than photography. Because I was the best of my Audiovisuals class, I was invited by a colleague to participate in an international workshop in Paris for young filmmakers. I quit my day job to attend this one-week workshop. The result was a short film that was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. Then I moved to Germany.

It was during my time that the Erasmus Scholarship granted me at the Schwäbish Gmünd Hochschule für Gestaltung that I began to create more photographic work. I had the opportunity of having tutors from the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf that taught me to approach photography in a theoretical and in an aesthetic way. After my Erasmus year in Germany, I moved back to Spain.

I finally graduated in 2008 B.A. in Fine Arts at the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. Then I moved to north Portugal. During my time in Porto, I run a commercial photography studio that I was forced to close due to the financial crisis. I didn't want to do commercial photography anyway. Actually, I wanted to do just the opposite; to challenge stereotypes and any preconceptions and norms about image making. I wanted to stop looking at the surface and turn the camera inwards to pay attention to an ulterior universe in a very disruptive way. 

Since then, I have presented my work in collective exhibitions at renowned art institutions such as the London Barbican Centre, and international art festivals such as the Days Off Sound in Portugal, La Noche en Blanco, Spain, and the Cannes Film Festival in France.

At the moment, I live and work in London since 2011.